Salish Cliffs

“There is an ancient legend of the Squaxin Island people that connects the humans with the sky people. The story is told of a strong (skookum) young man who had become captivated by the beauty of a young Salish woman, she was equally enraptured by his unusual spirit strength. Her ability to run like the wind was known throughout the land, his ability to help people with his spirit power was known far and wide. The young Salish woman had been promised to another man in marriage, she had known this for many years. She went on a spirit quest to the cliffs near her village searching for a way to get out of the arranged marriage. Near the cliffs the man was singing his power song. Using spirit power the skookum man helped the Salish woman to change into the Red-tailed hawk so she could always be near him. To this day near the Salish cliffs the beauty of the Red-tailed hawk can be seen and heard, nearby the marine waters of Skookum inlet whisper spirit power to those who will listen.”


Qawila's the Warrior | The First Salmon